Movin’ on Down the Road!

From Sedona our journey took us to Tucson, Az for a week. This is one of our favorite winter stops as we get to spend our time with our good friends, who graciously allow us to ‘camp’ in their driveway every year! There is lots of visiting, laughs, and catching up! This year it was also a chance to have some much needed repairs done in the RV. Our furnace/AC had quit working and our built in microwave/convection had also quit working. The fantastic folks at Freedom RV fixed the furnace/AC, and we found a wonderful appliance repair man who managed to diagnose the problem with the microwave and get it all working again as well!

Our friends back yard is like a little resort with a pool and palm trees and a lemon tree loaded with lemons! I love the desert plants and the pottery scattered around!



A highlight of our stay there was seeing this Bobcat stroll right in front of the motor home in their yard!


A day trip took us to the Dragoon Mountains and Council Rocks. Southern Arizona is scattered with places of major historical importance. Many are related to the Apache Wars that raged throughout Southern Arizona from 1861 to 1886.  Council Rocks was the most likely spot where General Oliver Howard and the great Chiricahua Apache chief, Cochise, negotiated a peace accord in 1872.



Then, with our friends, we were off the Mexico! Our first two weeks were spent in Puerto Penasco. You cannot match their beaches and sunsets anywhere!



The seafood there is amazing and plentiful! The shrimp are delicious!


Since the fishing has been banned on the Baja side of the Gulf there are many more shrimp/fish boats in the harbour, as everyone struggles to make a living!


Every evening was a spectacular natural display!


We could not be in Puerto Penasco without experiencing a ‘Mexican Coffee’, the show and the art of creating it is worth every cent, but it tastes delicious too!



This year we made a new discovery, the Reserva de la Biosphera el Pinacate Y Gran Desierto de Altar, a Unesco World Heritage Site. El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve is known for its unique physical and biological characteristics, by the presence of a volcanic shield, and by the extensive areas of active dunes that surround it, and the greatest concentration of Maar craters. (A maar is a broad, low-relief volcanic crater caused by an explosion which occurs when groundwater comes into contact with hot lava or magma)





Always room for one more sunset!


The beach at low tide is very unique as well!


After 2 weeks it was time for the 7 hour drive across to the Baja and our favorite place, San Felipe! We trade sunsets for sunrises on the opposite side of the gulf and we were greeted with this on our first morning!


It is always exciting for us to return to San Felipe and we love our first walk-about to connect with the familiar sites.




We had excellent, front row seats for the super moon as well! It looked like a giant explanation mark across the water!



The sunsets are not as spectacular as in Puerto Penasco, but they are wonderful in their own right.



Due to some health issues we made the decision to head back to Canada sooner than planned. With tears in our eyes we said ‘Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo’….Until we meet again and began our journey home.

We discovered a wonderful restaurant along highway 247 in the Lucerne Valley of California. Cafe 247! They have a fantastic full menu and on the weekends offer award winning BBQ! I highly recommend a stop there if you are ever through this part of California!



We have now returned to British Columbia, to the worst February weather in many years!!! Normally the cherry blossoms would be out in full bloom at this time…..not this year….!!!!


Today is a bad one!


Wherever you are I hope you are warm and dry and surrounded with love!

As I mentioned in the last blog, I now have a facebook page:

Wendy Elliott Photography, look for the Bighorn Sheep!

I invite you to check it out. I am considering ending the blog as I feel I have a broader audience on the Facebook page and I am repeating myself here! (Although this is a much better format!) Please let me know what you think, I could use your advise!

I appreciate all of you who have followed along on our journeys. I hope you will join me on Facebook!



1 thought on “Movin’ on Down the Road!

  1. Ken Bradley

    Great presentation and a great trip. You know me, prefer the blog, but would learn the Facebook if I have to. I’m training Lynda on Facebook, not that I have a lot to offer except how to sign on. I Figure she can poke around, find out how all of the random screens work , the train me.




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