One month in Osoyoos, BC

Where to begin!

We began our adventure on October 12th, driving from Kamloops to Osoyoos  via Princeton and the Crows Nest highway, highway 3. We had every kind of weather on that day, sun, cloud, rain and snow!



Osoyoos is situated in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. It is surrounded by desert, vineyards, orchards, lakes and mountains! Almost 1500 pictures prove it has it all!! I promise not to bore you with too many of them!


Osoyoos means ‘narrowing of the waters, and as we drive into town from our ‘home’ on Lakeshore Dr, we are driving with water surrounding us on both sides! The population here is around 5000, but swells by 50,000 come summer time.

The fall colours were in full bloom when we arrived. Our campground is across the street from Osoyoos Lake so we take daily walks along the shore with Mickie, one day we turn right, one day we turn left! Repeat!



Our first day trip was back west along highway 3 to Keremeos.

Keremeos comes from the Similkameen dialect ‘keremeyeus’, meaning ‘creek which cuts through the flats’, referring to Keremeos creek. Local legend claims the name means ‘the meeting of the winds’ and joke that the only time if is calm is when the winds are blowing equally from all 4 directions!

I am always on the look out for rustic, weathered old homesteads and I was not disappointed along the way!


In Keremeos we visited The Grist Mill. In 1872 Barrington Price moved to the Similkameen Valley from England, to take over the Hudson Bay Company ranch land and trading post. In 1877 he opened a water powered mill to turn locally grown wheat (grist) into flour. It is now an historic site.


Gorgeous scenery following along the Similkameen River on the way back to Osoyoos.


On the return trip along highway 3, we stopped at Spotted Lake! An unusual site along side the road! Spotted Lake is a mineral lake, and a sacred site to the First Nations People, a revered place of healing.



Our next excursion was to Haynes Point Provincial Park. Lakeside campsites and privacy make this one of the most popular provincial parks in the province. The campground is closed for the season but you are still able to walk around and enjoy the natural beauty.




Haynes Point was named for John Carmichael Haynes. He was the tax collector at the Custom House, built in 1861. Haynes was also the first pioneer settler to obtain land along the Okanagan River. The remains of the Haynes Ranch are still there for all to see!


And the Vineyards! Everywhere you turn!


The Orchards! Everywhere you look the sights are awesome and the beauty, amazing!


Our second trip to Keremeous brought us to Parsons Fruit Market. Although it too was closed for the season they had a wonderful display outside of amazing pumpkins and squash! So many old vintage vehicles and farm machinery, I was in photographers heaven!


Mickie doesn’t often sit for pictures but she cooperated this time!


We also got in a wonderful walk along the Similkameen River…


and the return views were outstanding!

DSC_8064-Edit-Edit top Imp Nature Paint

The amazing gold colours were beginning to fade….the temps were getting colder…

Then it came……the first freeze and the first snow!


DSC_8957-Edit top soft and sharp

Of course we had to visit some wineries and do some tasting while we were here. We found Road 13 vineyard, very unique in that the tasting room is in a castle! (very good wine too!)


The heavy snow then came……


We definitely feel the need to move on……soon! This is the fountain by the lake after the last round of cold temps! (all thawed today!)


We have definitely enjoyed our time here in Osoyoos, the month has flown by with trips to Penticton to meet up with friends for lunch, and many outings around the local area.

I imagine the summer months are packed full of water fun and beautiful weather, but we really enjoyed the fall, the quiet crowds and the natural beauty of the area!

But….it is time to move on!

During this time I also began a new Facebook web page to showcase some of my images, with a link to my Fine Arts Website where prints, greeting cards, canvas prints, mugs, tote bags etc can all be purchased.

Until next time……….



3 thoughts on “One month in Osoyoos, BC

  1. Lynda

    As usual great pictures Wendy. I noticed that you gravitated to the grapes. I would like to check out the castle vineyard. I enjoyed your blog it really makes the viewing interesting.



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