Where did the summer go?

Well, here it is October and the summer, as we knew it, has come and gone!

We arrived home mid May and the usual winter clean up chores began! The fields were beginning to show spring growth….


The birds were returning….


and the days were getting longer!


One lovely (?) surprise we got when we took the boat out of storage was that it had been a nice winter home to some pack rats! What a mess! It looked like they had moved in the day we left.


It took a major clean up and three washes with bleach to get it usable again. It was a harder job catching the ‘critters’ and ‘disposing’ of them, what a nuisance!

June brings high water, creeping higher than we have seen it in about 5 or 6 years!


June also brings more wildflowers and spring flowers appear in the local parks!


It is also the time the wildfires began. Locally, a human caused small fire in the grassland was left to treat as a controlled burn, it got away on them and burned across the only access road to our property!


Very soon after it was controlled and declared ‘out’ the devastating Elephant Hill fire erupted, on July 6th, west of us in Cache Creek/Ashcroft area. It blossomed to 192,000 hectares and burned for 76 days! At the height of the fire 50,000 people were evacuated. The estimate is over 12,000 square kilometers of land was burned, and over 120 homes and buildings were lost. British Columbia had a record breaking wildfire season, surpassing the previous record from 1958.  The firefighting efforts have cost more than 500 million since April 1st! Over 1176 fires raged, burning over one million hectares.

We were very fortunate that the winds did not blow any in our direction but our hearts went out to all the displaced people and animals effected in this tragedy. There were very few areas of the province not effected by these fires in some way. For us it was the endless smoke filled skies.


July did bring some days of fantastic summer weather but they were few and far between so we made the best of each one!

First up was Canada’s 150th birthday!

canada day 2017-Edit-2-Edit-Edit

We managed a day cruise around the lake with our friends…


and a day trip to Falkland, east to Salmon Arm ,and a return to Kamloops. We would have been remiss to not stop and sample some of the local industry!


Boating also meant fishing, and it was pretty good this summer, maybe the smoke cover kept the water temp down a bit so the fish were shallower, not sure, but we weren’t complaining!


The only positive thing you could say about the smoke was it made for some stunning sunsets.

August brought more smoke into our area as the Elephant Hill fire grew.


……and yes, this really is the sun!!


Our local ski hill, Sun Peaks, on Todd Mountain, has the annual Blossom Festival. We headed up the mountain hoping to get above the smoke, it was better but not great. Again the plus side of the smokey air is that it kept the heat down so the blossoms lasted longer!



The RCMP musical ride also came to Kamloops this summer, as part of the 150 birthday celebration! What a wonderful show they put on, it is amazing how well trained those horses and riders are!


September saw the firefighters winning and the Elephant hill fire began to get contained. So much hard work by the men and women on those front lines. What a hot, dirty, exhausting job they do to try and keep people and their homes safe. I cannot praise them or thank them enough.

Their hard work brought back some sunny days with clear skies! One was a perfect day for a paddle in the kayak, breathing in all the local beauty(and clear air!)!



September also brings a different feel to the garden, the flowers have a deeper hue to them!


….and in September I begin to search out the first signs of fall, my favorite time of the year!


September is also when we begin to think about plans for the winter! Not sure yet, but will spend a month in Osoyoos before deciding……

So next up…….OSOYOOS




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