San Felipe, Mexico

Well, we are 2 weeks away from one of our favorite places on earth…….aaaaaaah, San Felipe. We missed being there for the last 2 winters due to not being able to travel, it felt great to be ‘home’!


San Felipe is about 2 1/2 hours south of El Centro, California. You cross over through the border at Calexico. It is an easy drive down Highway 5, in Baja California, with here and there views of the Gulf of California (The Sea of Cortez).

It is a small town, with a population of about 16,702 (in 2010), and swelling by approximately 5000 with the American and Canadian visitors. Many ex-pats own property here.

As San Felipe is on the east side of Baja it does not get spectacular sunsets, but it does get some beautiful ones!


It really out does itself in the sunrise’s though! Anyone who knows me knows I am not an early morning person, that being said I did manage to see a few in the month we were there!


Our campsite is right on the beach, it is an amazing thing to just open your door, step on to the beach and see this!



To say Mickie was in her ‘Happy Place’ is an understatement!


San Felipe has also had a wet winter/early spring. The wild flowers were blooming in all their glory when we got there!




San Felipe once relied on fishing as the main ‘industry’ now it is tourism.

In 2016 the government banned all fishing in the vacinity of  San Felipe. The fishing techniques had become a threat to the Vaquita. The Vaquita is a rare species of  Porpoise, endemic to the northern part of the Gulf of California,  and is now the most endangered cetacean in the world. It is largely attributed to the bycatch from illegal gillnet fishery for the totoaba, which is also critically endangered. With the fishermen unable to fish some moved on and some chose to develope a new source of income… to the tourists! They now offer boats for towing people in tubes and on blow up ‘bananas’! Sport fishing is still allowed so that is offered as well.

Most of our days involved playing on the beach!


At low tide the water can recede up to 2 kilometers! 3 years ago when we were here the high tide came up so high that our patio was covered in sand the following morning!


When driving around town you can find bakeries, pharmacies, numerous restaurants and car washes! There are 3 bigger grocery stores as well.

A new venture for enterprising business people is to come to your RV and wash and wax it for you! The price was excellent and they did a fantastic job!


The main street downtown is the Malecon. It is made up of numerous restaurants and shops that sell everything from t-shirts, dresses, trinkets and souvenirs. Last time we were here they were re building their retaining wall along the seawall. The wall is all finished and the new addition this year is the sign!


It is always relaxing to grab a few minutes of just sitting back and enjoying the view!


Watching the waves lap upon the shore!


The Bougainvillea tree in the campground was blooming gloriously! I loved walking Mickie past every day!


The cactus were sprouting all their new growth too!

A highlight for me was seeing the Saguaro Cactus blooming! Usually we are on our way north when these gorgeous flowers blossom!


What we like about San Felipe is that there are no big resorts, no big fancy buildings. Actually you see a lot of half finished buildings around every corner. Someone said that when the US gets a cold Mexico gets pneumonia. The recession of 2008 hit San Felipe very hard and it is trying to recover still.

A highlight for us this year was being in town for the Baja 250, Score International, off road race! Racers come from all over the world to complete in the brutal drive across the desert for 250+ miles!

People come from all over to watch!


And they’re off!




To say there was a lot of dust and dirt in the air that night is an understatement!

I could go on and on about San Felipe but I won’t bore you any longer. Needless to say it is one of our favorite places to spend some time. We love the vendors coming to the campground to show off their jewelry and dresses and hammocks. Some we buy from, some we don’t. It all adds to the charm of a laid back way of life.

It was hard to leave, but leave we must!

Until next time…………….




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