A few days in Yuma and heading north!

The Cloud Museum! A few short miles away from Yuma in Bard, California. It is a personal collection of Johnny Cloud, a long time Bard resident who began his collection in 1989. It consists of cars, trucks, tractors, power tools, hand tools….you name it, it is probably there! You could spend hours here exploring every hidden cranny!



I was in Photographer’s heaven, my husband was in ‘Man heaven’!!




Our drive back to Yuma took us by fields of crops. I wish there were signs posted to tell you what was growing! The area is known as the ‘Winter Vegetable Capital’! The biggest crop being lettuce I believe!


We also passed date farms! I love photographing the stately palms and the textured ground underneath!


Next we headed north towards Joshua Tree National Park. We have been there a few times but never get tired of the unique vegetation and rock formations of the area, the Joshua trees are beautiful!


Two of the most popular areas are the Hidden Valley trail and the Barker dam….



We even had this little guy check us out!


Barker Dam , AKA Big Horn Dam, is a water storage area within the National Park, constructed by early cattlemen in 1900. It is such a beautiful spot for sunset!


While in the area we went to have lunch in Pioneertown. It is an unincorporated community in the Morongo Basin in Yucca Valley. It began as a live-in old west movie set built in the 1940’s. It was designed to provide a place for actors to live while using their homes in the movie. The Cisco Kid and Judge Roy Bean are among the movies filmed here!


Next we set out to Shoshone, Ca, known as the southern gateway to Death Valley. The drive up Highway 127 is beautiful, very unique scenery!



Shoshone is a very small town, population of about 31 people, but it is one of the most interesting and proud towns we have been in! I believe it is owned by one family. We loved the campground there and would definitely return. They have a wonderful warm mineral pool to enjoy!


Another unique area of Shoshone is Dublin Gulch. During the 1920’s miners carved dwellings in the caliche clay embankment. Some caves even have split levels, stovepipes and garages!



For a day trip from Shoshone we drove to China Ranch Date Farm in nearby Tecopa. The landscape is so beautiful along the way!


It is a family owned and operated farm. They planted date palms in 1990 and opened to the public in 1996. They offer many baked goods using their dates, cookies and loaves, and the date shakes are the best EVER! They alone are worth the drive!!


It was interesting to learn about how they grow and harvest the dates, and how they actually look in the palms!


We did more touring in the Tecopa area but I will save that for later! Then it was on to Death Valley!

Until next time!




1 thought on “A few days in Yuma and heading north!

  1. ann cooke

    Miles of open scenery, and then a gem of a town but with only 31 inhabitants, do they have to leave town for a good argument?
    in the interests of staying good neighbours!! haha



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