Movin on down the Road!

Well, it’s been a few months since I last checked in! We have been busy, but also it has been difficult to get good reliable internet at times. The trials of traveling around!

After we left the Barstow area we stayed in Mojave Valley, Arizona. It is just east of Needles, California. We were very close to Oatman, Az. I think most people have heard of, or been to Oatman, where  wild burro’s walk the streets! The hotel there dates back to 1902 when Oatman was a mining camp. The Burro’s are descendants of the burros they used then!





We also made the day trip to Hackberry, AZ. Hackberry is a stopping spot on old Route 66 and has a huge collection of Route 66 memorabilia. The highlight for me was Bridget! I did not expect to find such a talented singer there to serenade us! She made an already fun experience 100% better! If you ever go to Hackberry try to get there on the weekends, you will love her!



After the Mojave Valley area we turned towards Wickenburg. We had a motive for going there as we had been there 3 years ago and had the BEST cheesecake EVER at a small cafe in town.  We were very saddened to discover that the diner had been sold and the cook who was there, was not there anymore 😦  We did not let that spoil our time though, Wickenburg is such an interesting town with so much history. It has survived Indian wars, mine closures, drought, and floods. At one time it was known as the Dude Ranch Capital of the World! We took a day trip from there and drove up Highway 89 to Prescott. We packed a picnic lunch and stopped at Granite Dells on Watson Lake for lunch. It is a very unique place!



The scenery through the mountains on Highway 89 is gorgeous!  We were treated to a beautiful sunset on the way back to Wickenburg!


From Wickenburg we went south….searching for warmer weather. Alas, that has been very hard to find this winter! We were in the Tucson, Az area for a month and experienced a lot of rain and cold weather. Still better than the snow at home though, so we are not complaining!!! We have good friends who live in Tucson and we were very lucky to be able to share Christmas with them and their family!

Think I will sign off on this one now, lots more to come of our time in Arizona!

Until next time…..!


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