And we’re off!

On the Road Again!

After two winters home bound we are again off on a winter trip to the southern United States. We do not normally leave this time of the year, usually we are gone in mid October to enjoy the fall colours and avoid the winter conditions!

The day before we left we had beautiful, almost spring-like weather, I was loading things into the motor home in my tee-shirt! The next day was completely different! Winter was arriving! Kamloops was getting rain but all around us was snow. We chose to drive towards Vancouver via the old Fraser Canyon route. It does not have the high elevations of the Coquihalla highway.

For most of the small communities along this route, Savona, Cache Creek, Spences Bridge, Boston Bar, Yale and Hope this was the first snowfall of the season.



Driving through the Fraser canyon is a beautiful drive anytime, but especially stunning with a dusting of snow!



“Pretty to look at, fun to hold…..but you can have it, I hate the cold”!!


We were following along the ‘muddy Fraser’!!


Along with the snow we hit fog!


We crossed the border at Sumas, they asked the usual questions about fruit, vegetables, meat, cash, fire arms. We sailed through after a few minutes and made our way to our first stop, Ferndale, Washington. We needed to organize our phone and internet for the trip as well as stock up on groceries. We always stay at the Cedars RV, they have beautiful big sites and is a great location for shopping in Bellingham.


BC was experiencing snow, Washington, in the lower elevations, has been getting rain!!! Lots of it from the looks of things!




So we’re off to a soggy start but know that things will improve as we travel south!

Hope you can follow a long, leave me a message if you like, I would love your comments.

Until next time…..


3 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. Lynda

    Lovely pictures of the Fraser Canyon Wendy, the snow makes it look so pretty. The fog makes for pretty pictures but I know it’s not a lot of fun driving in it. That was quite a soggy stop you had in Washington. Do you think there are any fish in those puddles, they look big enough!



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