Fall in the ‘Loops!

Here it is November 19th! Time to post some fall pictures before Fall is behind us!

We have been very lucky again this year to have a long, mild fall. Not too much rain here, but lots of rain in the province! The water levels in Kamloops Lake are as high as they are normally in August! In 35 years we have never seen the levels where they are at this time of the year!

I still have snapdragons, cosmo, sunflowers  and petunias growing in the garden, along with tomatoes!




I love it when the leaves begin to change! Fall is my most favorite season of the year to photograph, so many choices! The delicate rose hips are a favorite.



Or combining my love of old rustic vehicles with beautiful fall shades!




And the grasses!


Then the vibrant colours appear in the Maple tree!


and the sumacs!



Another favorite part of fall for me is the almost daily sightings of the Big Horn Sheep that call our area home!




This guy posed so nicely for me the other day!


Another blessing was the brightest rainbow I have ever seen! We were over at a friends place when this amazing colour appeared in the sky! Of course I did not have my camera with me, (I know, I should never leave home without it!)  I had to rush home and get it and still managed to capture part of the spectacular beauty!


I like to try new techniques with my photography. One that has always fascinated me in the controlled motion. It creates an abstract look that I find quite beautiful!


And lastly I have been experimenting with long exposures. Trying to capture the vibrant fall colours , at the same time creating that soft silky look of the moving water.


I hope you too have enjoyed a lovely fall and you have been able to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures and natures wonderful autumn changes!

Next up for me will be travel to the US in our motor home! Finally we will enjoy winter south of the border again! Hope you follow along with our travels!

Until next time……



4 thoughts on “Fall in the ‘Loops!

  1. Donna Campbell

    Great Photos, enjoy them all. Have a Wonderful, Snow ❄️🌨❄️ ☃ Free Winter, South. Soak up the Sun ☀️ 🐴



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