Dease Lake Part 2

I guess I should mention just how lucky we were to actually drive into the campground in Dease Lake before we discovered the leaking radiator. The road on either side of Dease Lake, for miles and miles, is VERY narrow with no shoulders. There are long sections with very small gravel, which is where we must have picked up the rocks that got thrown up into the fan then shot into the rad.


Had we been disabled on the road, unable to drive any further, our 38 foot motor home would have been stranded in the middle of the road, with me trying to make arrangements, from who knew where, to get towed into Dease Lake!! (That is assuming we had any cell service, which we probably didn’t!!)  We were so very lucky it happened where it did!

So our days were spent doing some exploring. Although Dease Lake is a huge lake there were not that many access points to it. We did discover this area north of town. This is the closest we came to a moose while there!!


On the drive up the Stewart Cassiar highway the wildflowers were blooming in abundance! The fireweed was very prolific and beautiful all over!


They say that a good indicator of when summer will be over is when the last of the blossoms opens on the top of the fireweed. If this is true, we still had some summer to look forward to!

DSC_3227-Edit a

Of course our day was not complete without a trip to the dump, eagle hunting!

Golden Eagle 2

We did experience quite a bit of rain while there, and the ‘summer’ temperatures never got above 20c, that was a hot day!! Mostly it seemed to be around 16c or so. When we did get breaks in the weather we did our exploring, this day we went south of town to Lower Gnat Lake area.




We also discovered a beautiful little lake right in town, Allen Lake.



There were many other wild flowers blooming besides the fireweed, one of which was ‘Monkshood”


It is such a delicate little beauty but I found out later it is highly poisonous! The roots supply the poison, large quantities of the alkaloid pseudaconitine, which is a deadly poison. Several species of this have been used as arrow poisons! Poisoning can also occur from picking the leaves with no gloves, it can be absorbed through the skin. Was I ever glad I had not decided to bring a nice little bouquet home!!

We also discovered this beautiful spot on one of our explorations, I love the colour of the rocks in the water!


Finally on July 8th our radiator was returned to us!!! Another thing we were lucky with, and grateful for, is that Charlie allowed Ron the run of his shop. Ron was able to put the rad in himself which saved us some money. While we were waiting Ron had also put mesh under the motorhome, around the radiator, to hopefully prevent the rocks from getting up there again and creating anymore holes in the rad!

We arrived in Dease Lake June 25th and were finally ready to head out on July 9th, 14 days later! We had to modify our plans for the trip and the possibility of reconnecting with our friends was long over. They were on their way towards Alaska and we had only planned on touring the Yukon on this trip. We had a commitment in Vancouver on August 13th so our days were limited.

Departure day arrived with some dew on the ground and fog in the air. More like October than July, but it was beautiful!




We said our good-byes to Charlie, thanking him for his hospitality! If ever you have a problem in Dease Lake, or surrounding area, we would highly recommend him!

So, on the road again! Next stop: Watson Lake, Yukon!


Until next time……


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