Dease Lake, BC

We really enjoyed our day trip to Telegraph Creek. We came back to our campground, Dease Lake RV Park, and had a nice bonfire and dinner with our friends. The next morning we had to wave good-bye to them as we had to wait until the afternoon for the mechanic to get back into town and come out and assess our radiator. It was so sad to see them carry on without us! We did hope we could reconnect down the road soon.

The mechanic did arrive, took a look, said the radiator would have to be pulled and sent to Prince George for repair, 969 km’s or 602 miles from Dease Lake! He would not pull the rad there in the campground, we would need to fill up the rad with water and drive it the 3 km to his shop on the following Wednesday…Charlie’s Shop…it would turn out to be our home for 10 days!

In the meantime we had 2 more nights in the full service campground with our satellite tv! There was even a resident fox to brighten up my day!fox 6

fox 2

He was so cute, but I think he thought the camera was something to eat, he was coming awfully close!!

We soon made the move over to ‘Charlie’s Shop’…..


He was so great in letting us plug into his power, and he also had an old ‘dump’ near by that we did have to make use of over our stay! The alternative would have been to move to a motel for the duration, so it was so nice to be able to stay in our own ‘home’!!


It turned out that other good friends of ours had actually bought an old volkswagen to restore from Charlie years earlier! What a small world!

Dease Lake is very far north. 175 miles north of Meziadin Junction on Highway 37. We grew to really appreciate the life of living in Northern BC. Freight is only delivered in and out of town twice a week. The price of groceries was very high and eating a fast food meal of 2 hot dogs and fries was 20.00! Our rad was pulled by my husband and a shop worker on Wed and shipped out that afternoon, July 29th.  Then we waited…….

We were fortunate to be there over the July 1st long weekend, Canada Day. They had a parade and a BBQ afterward!




The whole community gets on board and they decorate almost anything to be able to drive in the parade!




I would guess this is a major highlight of the year in this community! A time to reconnect with others that you don’t see often. The population of Dease Lake is approx 300, but it is very spread out.


Mining is the most substantial industry in the area but hunting and fishing are very popular and there are a few guiding outfits as well. It is a leading source for jewelry grade jade, much of which is exported to China. There are also some government employees, highway workers, RCMP, Medical staff and a few small business’s. It is the most northern, rural, isolated health care center in the province. Far more isolated than Fort St John or Dawson Creek. The hub is a gas station/grocery store/clothing store/restaurant.

There used to be a laundromat/showers center but it had closed, as had many of the gift shops and motels.


Dease Lake was originally a Hudson Bay Company Trading Post, established in 1837 by Robert Campbell. The remains of the old fort still exist at the south end of the lake.


Known as the Tatl’ah or ‘Head of the Lake’ by Tahltan First Nation, the population is primarily of their decent.

Over the long July weekend they hold their annual fishing derby! The lake itself is known for massive lake trout! The winner was 30 lbs 9 oz! I tried to find out the size of the actual Dease Lake…..I couldn’t, suffice it to say the lake is HUGE! It goes on for miles and miles!



So, what do you do when stranded in Dease Lake, parked in someones yard with no’extras’. First of all, what do you do with your garbage? You find a dump….and hope that just maybe, there will be bears!! Well, no bears but we did find Golden Eagles!!! I have never been ‘up close and personal’ with a Golden Eagle before and it was amazing!

Golden Eagle 9

They really are quite different from the Bald Eagles and Osprey we have at home.

So our daily routine evolved into taking the ipad to the Learning Center. If you get up close to the door you can pick up their signal to check emails! I tried taking my computer but it would not pick it up, thank goodness the ipad did. Did I mention we had no cell service there either? There was one pay phone in town that we used to make arrangements with the company in Prince George to repair the radiator. When I did get on line to check my banking each 4-5 minute call cost 15.00 to 16.oo!  After checking the emails we went to the dump to look for wildlife! Only a few times were we lucky to find the eagles low enough in the trees for me to get any good pics, but they were flying all around and sitting in the tall trees around the dump.

We did get out and about exploring the area but I think I will save that for another entry, this is getting long enough!

So, until next time………


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  1. wendy6420 Post author

    Hi John, I appreciate your views and feedback!! I am sorry the pictures did not come through for you. They seem to be there when I look at them and I have not had anyone else say they could not see them. Maybe try again and see if it was just a little ‘glitch’.



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