More Wildflowers

It must have been the perfect spring storm this year! There are so many wildflowers blooming! So many different varieties! It seems that everyday I go for a walk there are new ones bursting forth!

A very prolific bloomer right now is the thread leaved daisy. Also known as fleabane. This plant is most often found near sagebrush, which we have in abundance in our area!



Occasionally they even get visitors!


Another prolific bloomer right now is the Thistle, a herbaceous plant, (relating to herbs), also of the daisy family!


Although people think of them as weeds I find them quite beautiful, but don’t get too close!


With a little help from their friends the buds open up!



The Brown Eyed Susans have just begun to appear.Also known as Black eyed Susans, from the sunflower family. It is grown in all 10 provinces in Canada, as well as 48 states.This plant is used as a traditional Native American medicinal herb, believed to be a remedy for colds, flu, infection, swelling and snake bite. Not all parts of the plant are edible, so beware!

brown eyed susan 2

The Yellow Salsify , also known as Western Salsify, Western Goats Beard, Wild Oyster plant and Yellow Goats Beard, is a very widespread plant.


We have an abundance of Prickly Rose bushes, they are so fragrant! Once the blooms fade away the Rose Hips come out. Rose Hip jam is quite good I hear! They are very high in Vitamin C.


Blooming right now are the Brittle Prickly Pear cactus. They are not the most attractive plants and really hurt if you get too close, but once they bloom they are beautiful!!


And last, but not least, is the most common Dandelion! So annoying to most people but surprising in all it has to offer.

Dandelions are not native to North America, Europeans brought them over because they have so much to offer.

The French name for them is ‘pissenlit’……translates to ‘pee the bed’!! Dandelions are a diuretic and in fact they are as strong as some of the commercial products!

They are edible and full of vitamins! One cup of dandelion greens would give you about 112 per cent of your recommended daily amount of vitamin A and 535 per cent of your recommended daily amount of vitamin K, and other things like calcium, iron and magnesium!! I hear Dandelion wine is very good too!! (and good for you!!) Some commercial mesclun salads include Dandelion greens!

They are unpopular because they are so successful, they are perennial and are very tenacious and difficult to get rid of. You can even mow them down and they will come right back!

They are one of the first sunny yellow flowers in the spring and even when they go to seed we are still attracted to them. Who hasn’t picked up a Dandelion ‘puff’, made a wish and blown all those lovely seeds away to find new places to grow!

dandelion framedEnjoy the beauty of Spring in your area!

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “More Wildflowers

  1. Marian

    So tell me—-did you look up all that information just so you could post all those pictures? AnywaynI enjoyed reading it all John only wanted to look at the pictures..


    1. wendy6420 Post author

      Thanks! Glad you read and he looked at the pictures! It’s really all about the pictures anyways!! LOL!(I did have fun looking up some of the stuff for sure!!)


  2. Lynda

    Wendy your pictures are lovely and I really enjoyed your commentary, I felt like I was reading a book on flowers. Good Work!



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