Birds, Butterfly’s and Wildflowers!

Spring….New Beginnings

Spring also brings on the annual visit from the White Crowned Sparrows to my yard, they arrive and eat me out of house and home for a few weeks, then they are gone for another year!

White Crowned Sparrows

I look forward to waking up to their noisy songs while they hop from feeder to feeder! They are so comical to watch, great entertainment! I always miss them when they leave, it is too silent! They loved having a little bath to freshen up!


Another sure sign of Spring is the arrival of the goslings! The Canada Geese come in droves and soon we are blessed to see the new families!


gosling 2

They are so sweet to see and have such good parents, teaching and protecting them!

Once in a while, while observing the goslings, another ‘critter’ will come into view, this little guy caught my eye as the sun shone through his ears!


Then I get to discover all the new wild flowers blooming as I go for my daily walk! Seems that every time I go out I discover more and more of them!

The Vetch always looks so delicate.


Then there is the ever popular dandelion!

Dandylion Puff

As annoying as they are they can be very pretty to look at!

Another favorite of the spring is the Balsamroot. It seemed like we had a bumper crop in Kamloops area this year!

Balsamroot 3

wildflower triptych

wildflower triptych 2

It’s always a bit of a challenge to match the picture to the name of these beautiful blossoms!

Once the flowers begin to bloom the butterfly’s hatch! The swallowtail’s are very common each spring.


swallowtail 2

Spring is such a glorious time of the year, so much hope and newness! We were very blessed to also have a new baby within our extended family! Welcome baby Abby!


Enjoy the new awakenings of springtime!


Until next time……………


2 thoughts on “Birds, Butterfly’s and Wildflowers!

  1. Lynne

    Your best yet Wendy! You have such a way with words and the pictures are awesome…..especially the last one! Lynne



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