Spring has Sprung Again!

I guess Spring would have to be my 2nd favorite season of the year! Seeing things come to life again after the winter can really improve our overall well being! I go out to the garden daily, searching for signs of growth, it is so exciting to finally find something poking through!emerging tulips

The tulips come through first in my garden, then the daffodils begin springing up, as well as the beautiful Grape hyacinth’s!

Grape Hyacinth

In between my daily garden searches we managed to ‘get out and about’ to explore. On one of our trips we drove to a nearby town, Merritt, and took the ‘old highway’ home, passing by some old homesteads.

Old Homestead 1

old barn at sunset

It is so nice to see the snow disappearing from the surrounding hillsides and the ice begin to come off the little lakes that dot this section of road!

Soon the daffodils were Blooming!


Golden Beauty 2

…….I found this poor little bee hiding under the petals, trying to escape the rain!hiding from the rain

And then beautiful tulips began to open!Tulip Tulip Tulip

open tulip

Delicate Beauty

Another sure sign of Spring is Baby animals! About a two hour drive north from our home is the small community of Birch Island/Vavenby. Here we discovered the Aveley Ranch. The Ranch was established in 1906, and sheep were introduced in 1913. The ranch and a flock of 1300 breeding ewes have supported 4 generations of the Moilliet family. They offer tours for the month of April, to learn about breeding ewes and see all the baby lambs!

Aveley Ranch, cuteness overload!

We were fortunate to see babies that were only about 1 hour old, and what good mothers the Ewes are! It is not unusual for the Ewes to have twins or even triplets.



Spring is also a time for the local grasslands to sprout up. Grasslands are one of the most threatened eco systems in the province of British Columbia. A number of species-at-risk are linked to our grasslands, including burrowing owls, big horn sheep, American White Pelicans, Trumpeter Swans, western rattlesnake and western painted turtles to name a few.

Oasis 2

Range Land

It seems Spring has begun to arrive earlier in the year in our area, with milder temperatures and wonderful sunshine!

I hope you too are enjoying getting back outside and enjoying nature!

Until next time!



6 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung Again!

  1. Donna Thibault

    Excellent photos as usual!!! The babies❤️❤️❤️ Loved the rangeland and homestead sooooo much!!!!! Keep going girl….can’t wait to see what you share with us next😎



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