A Brief absence!

It has been a long time since I posted anything. My ‘free’ subscription expired and I debated about paying 127.00/year to keep the blog going. I wasn’t sure what kind of interest there was. I had pretty much given up on doing it until I gained a few new followers the other day! Even without posting!! Thank-you!

I left you with this image of Moraine Lake in the Rockies, hands down one of my favorite views in North America!

Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, AB


After a couple of nights around Lake Louise/Moraine Lake we continued out along the Icefield Parkway. If you have never driven it I HIGHLY recommend it! Specially in the fall, it is gorgeous!! More stunning views around every turn of the road!

Icefield Parkway, Banff/Jadsper Nat'l Park, AB

Bow Lake is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in the Rockies.

Bow Lake, Icefields Parkway, Banff Nat'l Park, AB

You just never know what amazing beauty you will see!

Icefield Parkway, Banff/Jadsper Nat'l Park, AB

Then it was on to Jasper! Also very high on our list of favorites! This is the Athabasca River.

Athabasca River, Jasper, AB

This is the snake river, on our way to Malign Lake to take the boat tour to Spirit Island. We had done this trip years ago so we were overdue to go again!

Jasper Nat'l Park, AB Hwy 16

You cannot beat the stunning beauty of Malign lake anywhere!

Maligne Lake Boat Tour, Jasper Nat'l Park, AB

At the end of the 30 minute ride we get to Spirit Island. A view most people around the world associate with the Canadian Rockies!

Maligne Lake Boat Tour, Spirit Island, Jasper Nat'l Park, AB

The ultimate highlight for me was this beautiful Bull Moose waiting on the shore on our return! Anyone who knows me knows I live to see a Moose!

Maligne Lake, Jasper Nat'l Park, AB MOOSE!

Not only was I blessed to see him, he was joined in the courting game by a Cow Moose with 2 calves!

Maligne Lake, Jasper Nat'l Park, AB MOOSE!

A perfect end to our boat tour on Malign Lake, one I won’t soon forget!!

Maligne Lake , Jasper Nat'l Park, AB

Now it was time to turn our sights West and head back towards Kamloops, with stops at Mt Robson. It is the most prominent mountain in North America’s Rocky Mountain range,and is also the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. We have passed by here, and camped here, numerous times over the years. The hike up to Kinney Lake is spectacular! We have always been fortunate to see her peaks!

Mt Robson, BC

Never been disappointed!

Mt Robson, BC

Next stop is Wells Gray Park in Clearwater BC.

…..until next time, thanks so much for viewing and commenting, it is very appreciated!


8 thoughts on “A Brief absence!

  1. Lynne

    Wendy…..you always do such an awesome job of your blogs and this one was no exception. LOVE the moose pics especially but they are all good!


  2. Donna Thibault

    Always a treat for me to read about your adventures! Plus see your amazing photos!!!! Please keep posting for the rest of us to enjoy😎



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