Last days of Waterton, heading to Kananaskis Country!

We only had a few days left in Waterton and the wind was showing herself once again!

Waterton Nat'l Park, AB

I loved the way the grass and trees grew in the direction of the prevailing wind! We stopped in town (for ice cream!) and watched the waves crashing in and the rainbows formed in the mist!

Waterton Nat'l Park, AB

We drove the Bison Paddock Loop Road one day and were not disappointed!

Waterton Nat'l Park Bison compound

Once I was spotted the ‘guard’ began to head in my direction to check me out! As I was about 50 feet away from the car with camera and tripod I was seriously contemplating the fight or flight scenario!

Waterton Nat'l Park Bison compound

I let him get about 25 feet away from me before I picked up my camera and slowly made my way back to the car! I don’t think he would have charged me, just curious perhaps, but you never know!! He did loose interest in me so of course I took my gear and went back out. Unfortunately the herd was moving away from me by then and I didn’t want to trample all the grasslands following behind!

Driving through the paddock area is beautiful, the amazing grasslands, wonderful ponds, and the mountains as a back drop!

Waterton Nat'l Park Bison compound Waterton Nat'l Park Bison compound

Our time in Waterton National Park had come to an end, now we began our trip north west towards Kananaskis. We spent one night in High River Alberta. I don’t know if you remember the massive flooding Alberta had in 2013.

“Cities and towns from the Rocky Mountains in the province’s west all the way east to Medicine Hat were damaged. High River, a town of nearly 13,000 just southwest of Calgary, was the hardest hit when torrential rains dumped 350 millimetres of water over a two-day period.

The Highwood River flooded much of the community. Downtown streets turned to raging rivers. It took weeks to pump water from one neighbourhood called the Hamptons.”

We stayed at the George Lane Park Campground, a lovely park with lots of trees, right beside the river. This was the first season the park had been reopened since the flooding of 2 years before. They feel more secure with the addition of a high burm between the park and the river.

George Lane Park Campground, High River, AB

After High River it was on to Kananaskis!

Hwy 541, AB

We had driven highway 40 once before, about 18 years ago with our first motor home and had never forgotten it’s beauty!

Kananaskis, AB

Kananaskis Country is full of parks, Peter Lougheed, Bow Valley and Spray Valley to name a few. It has many hiking trails, lots of wildlife and back country camping.

And unbelievable beauty around every corner!

Our lunch stop!

_DSC0255_6_tonemapped Kananaskis, AB  our lunch stop! Kananaskis, AB  our lunch stop!

 One disappointing aspect about the road is there are not enough pull outs for vehicles of our length. I was reduced to taking some pictures through…..this…..!!!

Driving Kananaskis

Luckily there were enough pullouts to be able to experience the fabulous surroundings!

Kananaskis, AB Kananaskis, AB

Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour on this bench!

Kananaskis, AB

Kananaskis River!

Kananaskis River, Kananaskis, AB

Kananaskis River, Kananaskis, AB

We were awed by our drive so we made a snap decision to stay the night at Mr Kidd RV Campground and took the car and toured around. First time through here we also stayed here and arrived around 5 at night to get their last of 300+ campsites! Being so close to Calgary it is a very busy area! This time we were luckier!

Mount Kidd RV, Kananaskis, AB

One highlight was the Mt Lorette Ponds.

Mt Lorette ponds, Kananaskis, AB Mt Lorette ponds, Kananaskis, AB

I know I got a little long winded this time but I can’t say enough about this beautiful area!

Next stop Banff!

Until next time…….

Kananaskis, AB Wedge Pond


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