Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

After leaving Fort Steel we headed East toward Pincher Creek, Alberta. There we parted company with our friends (sniff sniff!) and we then continued south along Hwy 6, towards Waterton Lakes National Park.

Along the way we travel through the most beautiful ranch lands!

Pincher Creek to Waterton, AB

We then went through The Waterton Park Front, the largest private conservation Initiative in Canadian History! Approximately 30,000 acres! Through the Nature Conservancy of Canada, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, with support of the John and Barbara Poole family, and a series of agreements with local ranching families this natural landscape has been preserved and maintained for more than a century!

Waterton Grasslands, AB

Waterton Grasslands, AB

Waterton Grasslands, AB

We have been to Waterton twice before so this time we decided not to stay in the park and instead settled ourselves for a week at Waterton Springs Campground, just outside the park entrance. It turned out to be an good choice as a storm moved in that brought ferocious winds!!! It didn’t let up for 4 days and even though we were nestled in behind a large building and protected by a bank, our 38 ft rolling home was rocking and rolling! Had we been in the park campground we would have had the full force blowing in from the lake! We didn’t let it slow us down though!

Waterton Nat'l Park, AB

As you can see from the growth of the trees, wind off the lake is a common occurrence!!

Waterton townsite is beautiful. There are stores and restaurants and gas stations. Also a  very large campground with some sites directly across the frontage road from the lake!

We took a drive up to Cameron Lake, and the views of the valley and over Waterton Town were wonderful!

Waterton Nat'l Park, Cameron Lake

Waterton Nat'l Park, Cameron Lake Rd

Our campground had a nice walking trail we took Mickie on every day.

Waterton Springs RV Park, Waterton, AB

And the sunrise!

Waterton Springs RV Park, Waterton, AB

Glad I was up for this one!! ha ha!

We really enjoyed how the National Parks are now placing adirondack style chairs in prime areas to enjoy all nature has to offer!

Waterton Nat'l Park, AB

This is looking back towards the campground and the ‘Bear Hump’ hike you can take for birds eye views of the town and lake. It is a short hike at 1.8 miles but it is an elevation gain of 738ft  We didn’t manage it this time, but we have previously done it!

The other highlight of Waterton is the historical Prince of Wales Hotel!

Waterton Nat'l Park, AB  Prince of Wales Hotel

“The hotel is named after the Prince of Wales, the popular Prince Edward, who was later to become King Edward VIII. He was admired and adored worldwide, even after his abdication of the British Throne in 1936 when he chose to marry a commoner from America. The hotel was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1992.

All materials and supplies for the construction were shipped via railway to Hill Spring and then transported the last 25 miles by mule team. During construction the building crew faced numerous obstacles including a spring thaw that turned the 25 miles of road into a muddy quagmire and high winds that blew the building off center twice. The fear of these high winds almost caused the project to be abandoned but construction finally proceeded and the building was completed and officially opened to the public on July 25, 1927.

Occasionally the building will sway slightly when the winds are heavy, but there is no danger because the building was constructed to withstand even the fiercest of gales. The building is anchored to its site by means of large cables installed from its loft, through the structure and into the ground itself” (words in quotation marks were taken from article by Glacier park Inc)

The hotel sits high up on a hill facing the lake.Waterton Nat'l Park, AB  Prince of Wales Hotel

The view down the lake from the hotel is breathtaking!

Waterton Nat'l Park, AB

Waterton National Park is not visited as often as her sister parks of Banff and Jasper, but is equally as beautiful! It borders Glacier National Park in Montana and together they are the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

We have explored the west side of Glacier Park on a previous trip, but had never been able to drive the Going-To-The-Sun road so we decided to do a day trip to check it out. Better save it for next time though!!!!

Until next time……..


4 thoughts on “Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

  1. tnwaphotography

    I had to laugh when I read about your experience with winds … we had a similar experience this year in Alaska. Ironically enough, we were tracking a potential hurricane which was poised to affect our Florida home while away, which of course, never happened. In Seward the winds were blowing 40-50mph! LOL. I agree that Waterton Lakes is an amazing place and much like you want to go to Garden of the Gods, I want to go back now to Waterton Lakes! Haha.


    1. wendy6420 Post author

      Thanks Debbie! It is on our wish list to go to Alaska next year, just waiting on some medical issues. Will keep in mind about thew wind! I am hoping to spend at least 3 weeks on the Kenai Peninsula as well as get up to Denali, any pointers???



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