Life in the ‘Loops

Hello!  We have been sticking around home a lot these days while hubby recuperates. The weather has been gorgeous for February, really can’t complain…if we have to be home for a winter let them all be like it is now!!!

Mickie and I have been able to get out for walks each afternoon. Here are some observations!

Our ever changing Lake!  Kamloops Lake BC

Never get tired of the view, even after almost 34 years!

Here comes the train! A daily occurrence on the tracks above the house….CN Tracks-Frederick, BC     CN Tracks-Frederick, BC

and my faithful companion!


We find quite a few interesting discoveries in our travels…….

Old volkswagon      63 Chev Impala                                                                                                                    (remember this car!)

One night I thought I would try a long exposure shot of the lights across from us at Cherry Creek. I had never done it before, I was pleased with the first attempt!

_DSC9731a  It wasn’t that long ago that we hardly saw any lights across the lake at all…now it is like living in a city!!!……ok, maybe not a city….a town?….no?…..village?….community? LOL!

We have been traipsing around in the hills, through the sagebrush, thinking we were safe from the tics at this time of the year, but I have had 3 different reports that the tics are out already….guess she will need a ‘tic check’!!_DSC9786_tonemapped

We walked the beach one day. The clouds were awesome!

Kamloops Lake BC  Along the way we discovered Frederick ‘petroglyphs’?  _DSC9857_8_9_tonemapped

This will be a familiar sight for a lot of you!  Kamloops BC   On the way back down the hill, (which implies that we walked UP the hill…..NOT!)…we enjoyed the various pieces of old machinery that decorate the hillsides!

Kamloops Lake BCand the ‘neighbours’! mountain sheep

Met up with a few old friends…remember that car?

old truck        Old Chevy  This is the ‘other’ side!

Yesterday was a foggy start to the day, could not see across the lake, or even the cabins nearer to us for that matter!  Kamloops Lake BC

Kamloops Lake BC      CN Tracks-Frederick, BC

and yesterday….aaaaaaahhh yesterday! We had a beautiful sunset…….

Kamloops Lake BC

That got better….Kamloops Lake BC and better……Kamloops Lake BC  and better still!!

Kamloops Lake BC   We sure do live in a beautiful spot! Never get tired of the views, hope you like them too!

Until next time….



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