In search of Rain Drops!

Life has been moving at a lazy pace lately. Hubby is recovering from his surgery well, but it has slowed us down for sure.

Yesterday we had a light rain almost all day, so the search was on for rain drops! I was looking for the ‘perfect reflection’ but instead got side tracked by the drops on the dried up leaves from last fall!

Rain Drops

I began experimenting with adding some texture to the image…..

Rain Drops            Rain Drops     I think the texture adds a lot of depth to the picture.

This was my favorite of all…..

Rain Drops   Then I added a ‘border’..

Rain Drops  And finally the closest I could get to the ‘perfect reflection’…..will have to search some more!

Enjoy your day….go splash in a few puddles!


Rain Drops


4 thoughts on “In search of Rain Drops!

  1. Lynda

    I really like your raindrops, they are fun to look for and you feel so good when you get a great picture. Go look for more and enjoy that rain.



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