Long awaited sunshine………………..

Did not show itself until YESTERDAY! Think it was our first sunny day since Christmas!! Needless to say I had to get out and search for ‘Photo Ops’!!

I went seeking out some old broken down barns or other rustic buildings…..my quest took me from Barnhartvale, to the old Shuswap road, to Knutsford/Stake Lake and finally to Tobiano! Did I find any old rustic buildings or barns? No. But I found beautiful sides of Kamloops in the snow!

Views along Shuswap road.         Kamloops BC

Kamloops BC

I love the way the snow brings out the definition in the hills around the town!

The views from Tobiano were stunning with the calm water and sunshine!

Kamloops BC Kamloops Lake Kamloops Lake

The marina is a new development on the lake, within the last couple of years. It will help to begin opening up the traffic on the otherwise, mostly unknown huge body of water west of town. Hard to imagine that we basically had this to ourselves for nearly 30 years!

Kamloops Lake

I will continue searching for the old abandoned, rustic buildings, one day I will succeed!!

Until next time!


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