Random Winter Neighbourhood Views!

I have been doing a few walk-a-bouts near to our house, I know most people cannot make it to the lake/cabin at this time of the year so I will share a little of winter lake life!!

Before I begin……just another reminder…..

Last Year……Club de Pesca, San Felipe, Mexico

This year…Snow………….Just sayin’

Different motor home for any of the observant! ‘New to us” in the summer, has had one trip of 10 days and now she sits at winter rest awaiting the next big adventure!!

I will stop my moaning and dripping of the winter weather….soon! It has been pretty to look at and it has been a good challenge for me in my photography, as I haven’t had much experience taking photos in the snow!

Snow                      Snow

Outhouse Snow We have some beautiful out houses in our little community!winter texture Snow Snow Schwab's                           Some ‘picture postcards’!

Frederick Crossing Frederick Crossing Frederick Crossing Frederick Crossing Kamloops Lake

Mickie sure LOVES this winter weather though!



We have had beautiful calm days lately, lots of cloud though they are promising some sunshine tomorrow!

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Random Winter Neighbourhood Views!

    1. Norine Brown

      Really lovely pictures Wendy. I do have to agree with Yvonne and Steve, glad I’m not there. See you when it’s hot.



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