This week last year………..

Couldn’t help but reflect on where we were this week last year….compared to this week this year!!!!

aaaaahhhhhhhh……….San Carlos, Mexico!

San Carlos, Mexico  Sitting at our favorite Bar!

San Carlos, Mexico  Sipping margarittas! Walking the beaches……

San Carlos, Mexico

Boat cruises…with the Dolphins!  San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos, Mexico

AND THE SUNSETS!! San Carlos, Mexico

What a difference a year can make………Snow             one area of the yard…

Mickie Mickie loves it!

Snow Ron….not so much!

Snow Good thing we did get all that firewood!

Snow no hot tubs for now!


 Garden is ‘snug like a bug in a rug!’

A new visitor to the feeders this morning, a Spotted Towhee…Spotted Towhee I have seen him a few times but he is getting bolder with this weather!

Chukars The Chukars had to push through the snow to get to the feeders! They had a little ‘train’ with the first one ‘blazing trail’ and the rest following close behind!

_DSC6426raw Freddie found the suet so he was happy!

Hope all of you ‘northerners’ are off the roads and safe and sound, snug in your homes!

To our southern friends…..see what you are missing?!!

Until next time………..


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