Happy New Year 2015        Happy New Year 2015We all have different paths in life,

                                        but no matter where we go,

                                         we take a little of each other with us.


                                           Write it on your heart……..

                                        EVERYDAY IS THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!

                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


                             Went for a few walks over the holidays, thought I would share a few more views of                                   Kamloops!

Kamloops Lake BC      This was Dec 21st! Gorgeous day!

Faithful companion Mickie!Kamloops Lake BC/Mickie

Kamloops BC The tracks behind the house in the evening sun!

Kamloops Lake BC On the 22nd Mickie and I hiked up in the hills behind the house, this one  is facing east towards Kamloops.

Kamloops Lake BC Kamloops Lake BC The view west from the top of the hill, of a bit of our community and our ‘homestead’! Kamloops Lake BC

Mickie Ron joined us later in our old converted 1984 Nissan truck! He rebuilt it into a ‘bush buggy’ and we enjoy driving around in the hills above us! Kamloops Lake BC

While sitting warm and snug in the house viewing the birds at the feeder I noticed this little finch catching a little snooze before joining her friends for another snack!

                                                                                Finch  Finch

Yesterday we got about 4 inches of snow and more in forecast for tonight, guess I better get out and replenish the supplies for my feathered friends!

From our house to your house we wish you the happiest, healthiest New Year!


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