Went for a walk today……

The temperatures were so mild when we returned from a day in town Mickie begged for a walk and I couldn’t disappoint her!

So here are some views from our ‘driveway’!

Frederick Crossing, BC

This is at the bottom of the “Gate Hill” Beautiful clouds and details in the hills today!

Frederick Crossing, BC Frederick Crossing, BC

No sheep sharing our space today, they must have found more winter fodder up in the hills. We did see quite a few deer this morning though, one species moves ‘up’ and the other moves ‘down’!

Frederick Crossing, BC

A ‘self portrait’ at the top of our switch back! Love those loooooong legs, if only it were so!! LOL!

Frederick Crossing, BC

This is the view from the bottom of the hill across to the next hill. Even though it is desert there are pockets of colour in ‘them thar hills’!

Frederick Crossing, BC

Anyone who knows our area, knows the ‘Red Dirt’ hill. There has always been a tall dead pine crowning the top. Today I noticed it has toppled! I guess some of our recent winds were strong enough to uproot it!

Then we arrive at ‘The Field’! ( and FYI, this is NOT our property, we just travel through private property to get to our property!!)

This has to be the most photographed old truck in the area!

Frederick Crossing, BC

It is one of those things that changes whenever the light changes or the clouds appear! I never get tired of aiming the camera at it!

Frederick Crossing, BC

Then the sun began to set.

Frederick Crossing, BC

I think this was taken shortly after 3:00! Pretty much dark by 4:00! Only a few more days and then we turn around and the days will slowly begin to get longer again! Yea!

So this is my local Kamloops scenery! Thanks for looking and remember to leave me a note if you visit!



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