Our Feathered Friends!

So yesterday I spent some time watching the Chukars fighting for space, and time, at the feeders, man can they eat!!! Between them and Mickie cleaning up the ‘spillage’ it is hard (and expensive) to keep up! But I guess it is cheap entertainment!

I will post some standard photos, and also some I have played around with and done as water colours, I think they are kinda cute!

“Freddie” hung out for a while too yesterday but couldn’t get near the feeders, he finally left in disgust!

Northern Flicker Northern Flicker

Let the feeding frenzy begin!

Chukars Chukars


Baby it’s cold outside! All puffed up!


Now the ‘watered down’ version!

Chukars Chukars Chukars Chukars Chukars Chukars

They really are unique looking birds, all dressed up like the lone ranger!

Let me know what you think of the water colours….I think I see some cards coming up!

Puff up and keep warm!




5 thoughts on “Our Feathered Friends!

  1. Lynne Holmes.

    I am happy…I got notified that you had posted a new blog. I like the water colors but I prefer the real thing. They are more life like.



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