Gray Days of Winter……..

and it isn’t even winter yet!!!

The good news is we do not have any new snow and the snow we have is beginning to melt away! I think the temp even stayed around +1 overnight! Warmest it has been in 2 weeks I swear! We did get out for a walk and enjoyed the fresh air!

Our other winter companions come with feathers!


Chukars are in the Partridge family….now I guess we just need a Pear tree!!



I know we have House Finches and Purple Finches but I am not sure what type this guys is! Male house finch?


Northern Flickers

Northern Flicker

Juncos, Magpies, and I am pretty sure I saw a Spotted Towhee this morning as well!

There is a large flock of Chukars around and they visit our feeders everyday, much to the dismay of Mickie who feels the feeders are her personal grazing ground! The Chukars are very comical so I am looking forward to getting some better photos of them in the days to come.

We have been fortunate in missing out on the freezing rain that was forecast for the last few days, fingers are crossed we remain so!!

Getting into the Christmas spirit? Got your tree up? Shopping done? Gifts wrapped? I am looking forward to putting up our first tree in 6 years! It will really be a fun trip down memory lane looking at all the homemade Christmas ornaments we put on our tree.

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have some snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree!

Happy Shopping!



3 thoughts on “Gray Days of Winter……..

  1. Yvonne and Steve

    Great pictures…looks good…now at Stamps Landing in False creek at pub looking out at where Judy and Trevor lived on their 36 foot sailboat. Neat, Y



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