It’s working!

So far so good! People have been looking and commenting! Thank-you so much!

I can see this will be an evolving thing, this blog. So many different areas to ‘play’ with!

Due to a medical issue we won’t be traveling this winter as planned, we will be home keeping our friends company in the COLD winter temps we haven’t experienced in 5 years!!! burrrrrrrrr! I will quit whining about it……..soon!!!

First I will introduce Mickie!

my Mickie!

She is our faithful companion who likes to go everywhere with us! She is the best traveler we have ever had and always gets excited to know “where are we now” when we open the motor home door!

We will be sharing our ‘space’ this winter with our ‘closest neighbours’!

Big Horn Sheep Big Horn Sheep

There is a small herd that we see almost daily, as close as in our yard!

Previous visitors to our yard this summer/fall were this family, Mom and triplets!

Bear cubs! Bear cubs! Bear cubs! Bear cubs! Bear cubs! Bear cubs!

They were just so darn CUTE! I really missed them once they had moved on.


One night spent enjoying the few remaining crab apples on our tree, in the upper right corner, and sleeping in and around the willow tree, this is what we awoke to!


I think they left us 9 special ‘piles’!!! LOL!

I don’t want to bore you anymore tonight!

As usual,

Thanks for looking and I love to hear from you!



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